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Mr. Scanlan’s unique blend of communication and people skills, along with his detailed legal background, made a virtually impossible case, possible. I can only describe his closing argument to the jury with a comparison to Gregory Peck’s closing argument in To Kill a Mocking Bird. Richard Scanlan was absolutely brilliant! I am sure the jury felt the same way because we won. In closing, please accept my sincere gratitude for your firm’s referral of this talented and accomplished malpractice attorney.

Catherine T.

Yes you memorialized our meeting correctly. I will not be going forward with a lawsuit. I thank you for your time and for the closure I needed to get past this tragic (mother dying) and difficult time of my life. I hope she is proud of all of us. You are one of the best in this field and I will always be grateful for what you have done for me. All the best to you.

Lauren N. Gannon

Richard Scanlan was there for my family when no one else was. He stuck with us all the way, even on the days I thought it would never end he was there pushing forward… In the end it paid off…

Margaret S.

I may have lost bone in my foot but I have been able to retire in the southwest thanks to your hard work and effectiveness.

Laura R.

A simple note is really not sufficient to acknowledge and express my gratitude for the herculean efforts you expended on my behalf. In the beginning I was doubtful my case was winnable, and one old lady was worth very much. But as you developed the case, my confidence grew not only in the case but most especially in you. Thank you for your detailed and determined work. I am most appreciative of your patience, your prodigious efforts and your legal expertise.

Marilyn Y.

Thank you for giving me the referral to Richard Scanlan for my injuries. I made out extremely well. He was a very good lawyer.

Rita C.