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Successful Cases

With more than 30 years of experience in wrongful death, personal injury, negligence, car accidents, and liability, we’ve litigated successful outcomes in a variety of cases. Each client is unique, and every situation has individual challenges. Client care throughout the process and extensive involvement is what has made us one of the best law firms for personalized legal help. Below are a few examples of the types of cases we’ve successfully litigated.

Medical Malpractice

  • Unnecessary gastrectomy due to misdiagnosis of cancer.
  • Brain stem compression due to undiagnosed brain tumor
  • Rt arm paralysis due to left parietal bleed from improperly placed intracranial pressure monitor
  • Heart punctured while attempting a radio frequency cardiac ablation
  • Unnecessary hysterectomy & damage to pudendal nerve & rectal sphincter muscles during rectocele repair
  • Loss of foot due to Hospital failure to treat gangrenous abscess in diabetic patient
  • Unnecessary loss of metatarsal bone due to failure to timely treat onset of post-op osteomyelitis

Wrongful Death

  • Due to cardiopulmonary neglect in ICU
  • Neglectful cardiac care post-ortho surgery
  • ER failure to diagnose symptoms of ischemic heart disease
  • ER failure to diagnose and treat pulmonary edema
  • Hospital failure to diagnose and treat silent MI in cardiac patient
  • Suicidal resident who jumped from upper floor

Nursing Home Abuse

  • Wrongful death due to nursing home failure to provide safe place
  • Injuries from falls due to neglect in supervision
  • Sexual assault of adult home resident

Personal Injury

  • PTSD secondary to high impact motor vehicle accident
  • Pedestrian injured during construction of sidewalk
  • Worker injured during construction of Palisades Mall
  • Injuries due to EMS negligence in transport
  • Worker injured in scaffold collapse during construction of Ossining Post Office